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Alexandra Hills Shopping Centre
71 Cambridge Drive, Alexandra Hills
Tel:(07) 3824 0000
Fax: (07) 3824 1925

This list indicates stores that are loaded into the FindNearest retailer database. Unless the shopping centre is a subscriber to the FindNearest service, it is not intended to be complete.

Current Records: 47; Estimated Total: 39; Complete: ~100%

Category unsorted Shop Nameunsorted Shop Nounsorted Telephone Show Logos Map Accuracyunsorted
Major Retailers
Spacer Fashion (400m²+) Trade Secret       9/10
Spacer Full Supermarket Woolworths MT2 3824 5511   10/10
Spacer Jeans The Sports Nut       9/10
Spacer Mixed Fashion The Sports Nut       9/10
Spacer Women's Fashion Crossroads       9/10
Fresh Food
Spacer Bakery Brumby's 8 3824 0015   9/10
Spacer Bread & Cakes Michel's Patisserie K1 3824 0992   9/10
Spacer Butcher Pattemore's Meats       9/10
Spacer Fruit & Vegetables Best Fresh Fruit Market       9/10
Spacer Liquor BWS 37 3824 5087   9/10
Spacer Poultry Lenard's 41B 3820 2400   9/10
Spacer Seafood Little Mermaid Seafood       9/10
Takeaway Food
Spacer Cafe Cafe Shalimar       9/10
Spacer Cafe Michel's Patisserie K1 3824 0992   9/10
Spacer Chicken Red Rooster       9/10
Spacer Chinese Loong Wah Chinese       9/10
Spacer Hamburgers Hungry Jacks       9/10
Spacer Sandwiches Subway       9/10
Personal Purchases
Spacer General Gifts All Butts & Gifts 29     9/10
Spacer General Gifts Booty       9/10
Household Goods
Spacer Discount/Variety Dollars And Sense       9/10
Spacer Homewares The Crate       9/10
Retail Services
Spacer Dry Cleaner (Agent) Alexandra Hills Dry Cleaners       9/10
Spacer Hairdresser Harlow Hair Design       9/10
Spacer Hairdresser The Diplomat       9/10
Spacer Optometrist Aphorodite Livanes Optometrist       9/10
Spacer Photographic Processing Little Images       9/10
Spacer Video Hire Blockbuster 23 3824 7900   9/10
Non-Retail Services
Spacer ATM ANZ Bank ATM       9/10
Spacer ATM BOQ ATM       10/10
Spacer ATM Commonwealth Bank ATM #1       9/10
Spacer ATM Commonwealth Bank ATM #2       9/10
Spacer ATM Suncorp ATM       9/10
Spacer Bank BOQ 36 3383 7383   10/10
Spacer Chiropractor Hans Lindgren Chiropractor       9/10
Spacer Dentist Debbie Leong Dental       9/10
Spacer Legal & Accounting Dargan Kelly Lawyers       9/10
Spacer Legal & Accounting PSD Consulting Pty Ltd       9/10
Spacer Non-Retail Services Aldon Tutoring Centre       9/10
Spacer Non-Retail Services Redlands Poolman       9/10
Spacer Real Estate Agent LJ Hooker       9/10
Spacer Real Estate Agent Re/Max Bayside Properties       9/10
Spacer Travel Agent Flight Centre       9/10

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