Welcome to FindNearest

FindNearest™is an online hosted web service developed by FindNearest Pty Ltd.

At FindNearest we specialise in building and maintaining databases that are geographically search-enabled. We provide the back end service for store locators, office locators and stockist locators. Our aim is to give your customers the tools that help them decide what they should buy and find the nearest place that offers your products and services.

Store Locators

Many organisations, large and small, use the FindNearest locator service to help their customers locate their stores, products and services.

Road Relay Events

Road Relays events contract FindNearest to run the back office logistics of major relay events including the Glasgow 2014 Queen's Baton Relay and the London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay.

Data Services

We provide data services to several large organisations to run traveller's cheque pickups, ATM locations and credit card applications.

IT Services

For small community organisations, information technology is sometimes a black art. We make it easy for clubs to manage their web presence through hosting, development and maintenance.

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