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FindNearest is a store locator service designed for easy integration into any website. This service enables your customers to find their nearest physical outlet or stockist. It then provides them with a location map and profile for each outlet.

  • Always locate the nearest outlet, Regardless of where the customer is situated. The system starts at the selected suburb and expands the search area until a predetermined number of results are obtained. This means that, unlike systems that rely on suburb or post code matching, the FindNearest system always returns a result. It will never return a "no results for this location" message.
  • Provide seamless integration with any website. The FindNearest system is designed to match the look and feel of any website.
  • Locate outlets based on the type of store or the specific products or services carried. The FindNearest system differentiates between different types of stores, such as ‘authorised resellers’, ‘agents’ or ‘stockists’. It can also be integrated with stock management systems to identify stores that have specific products in stock.
  • Provide individual maps for each store. The maps provided by FindNearest are fully interactive and enable customers to zoom, pan and then print out a hard copy to take with them.
  • Provide detailed profiles of individual stores. It includes trading hours, contact details, payment options, affiliations and any specialty services offered. The ability to track trading hours enables FindNearest to return a list of the nearest outlets that are actually open.
  • Support locators on multiple websites from a common database. FindNearest also has the ability to work on multiple sites, so if you have more than one website you only have to use one location service and FindNearest can be tailored to suit each site’s particular requirements.

The FindNearest service is hosted on our server farm, and linked to your website. Subscriptions are calculated on a monthly basis, and dependent on the number of locations you wish to enable.

To see an example of the technology working, use our shopping centres search page.

Companies such as Harvey Norman, Bank of Queensland, Centrelink and others have chosen FindNearest's store locator service.

How much does it cost?

The fee structure for FindNearest reflects the level of detail required and the number of stores listed. A basic locator can be prepared and integrated into your website from $660.00, plus a small fee for each store listed. Maps or profile listings (includes opening hours, web link, email link, credit cards accepted, brands sold, affiliations and any specialty services offered) are available for individual stores at competitive rates.